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Thank you for taking a look at Ian & Penny's website, we hope you will find it informative. As you can see from the banners above, Ian & Penny now combine their two interests, travel and dance, into three seperate businesses which all complement each other. Please click in the red areas under each banner to be directed to the site you wish to see. All sites open in a new tab so you don't get lost. Before you go, why not take a quick look at Ian & Penny's story so far...
Ian met Penny in July 1993, Penny was just 18 years old and on holiday with her family in Majorca . Even though Ian was ten years older than Penny they enjoyed each others company and Ian definitely wanted to contact Penny again. Back home Ian sent Penny a bouquet of flowers which were mistakenly delivered to the wrong house down the road. Luckily the mistake was realised when the lady recognised Penny's name on the card, and took them up the road to Penny. If the flowers had not been delivered, Ian & Penny would probably not have reconnected, started dating, and fell in love. After a suitable 'trial period' as Penny describes it, Ian & Penny were finally married on the 20th December 2003 in a beautiful Christmas Theme ceremony at their local church.
Ian has a practical background and can turn his hand to most things. His working career has seen him progress from site operative to General Manager of a sheet metalwork fabrication company, overseeing both the factory and the office. Then giving it all up to work on cruise ships, managing a department which ran the art auctions, produced video tapes of passenger cruise activities, and supplied snorkeling equipment for shore side tours. Penny studied accountancy in college and worked in the accounts department of two large local companies. She had passed her AAT exams and had almost completed her CIMA qualifications when she left to work as a cost accountant on cruise ships. Although Ian & Penny both enjoyed the cruise staff life, they were rarely on the same ship for any length of time. They finally came home with the intention of finding a way of working together. After looking at a few options Ian & Penny decided they wanted to open their own Travel Agency. They found a vacant shop in the local town, signed the lease, and the rest is history.

Yes2Travel was opened in November 1999 in Burntwood, Staffordshire, and has become a multi-award winning agency, winning on two separate occasions at the celebrated 'UK Cruise Awards', no mean feat for a small agency. Penny, representing Yes2Travel, was also the proud recipient of one of the most prestigious national awards in travel; 'Travel Agent of the Year'. After a few years of working hard, 7 days a week and late nights, to build up their travel agency business, Ian & Penny were looking for a hobby to do together, and in early 2006 ended up at a beginners group for ballroom dancing. Very quickly dancing became a bit of a obsession and before long they were devoting all of their spare time to taking lessons, practicing hard, and competing in dance competitions all around the country. Ian & Penny started Yes2Dancing when they began taking on work with P&O Cruises as their onboard Dance Instructors & Hosts. They are now 'Resident Instructors' on-board, undertaking contracts of 8 - 12 weeks, and have been awarded the coverted 'Outstanding Performance Award', the only Dance Instructors to have acheived this honour. After being asked about dance breaks many many times, in 2018 Ian & Penny decided to start organising their own UK Dance Breaks. And so 'Dance Breaks with Ian & Penny' were born. The first dance break sold out so quickly that another was added the same year, which also sold out. Whilst Yes2DanceBreaks is the business name, 'Dance Breaks with Ian & Penny' is the trading name used every day. The breaks take what Ian & Penny do on-board cruise ships and transfers it to a quality 4* hotel on land. They are fun, sociable, and open to dancers of all abilities. With modern technologies, Ian & Penny are able stay in contact and combine all their 'Yes2' ventures from wherever they are in the world.

Ian & Penny's Facebook Page is currently only open to people Ian & Penny know personally. If you know Ian & Penny through business or dancing and would like to join the page, then please use the facebook link and send them a Friend Request. Once confirmed you will be able to follow Ian & Penny's travels, and message them directly if you wish.

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